Dreams and nightmares

The 1st edition of the ‘Festival du Fantastique’ (originally ‘Week-end du Fantastique’) took place from 3 to 5 May 2019 in Béziers. It was based on the theme of “Dreams and Nightmares in fantasy”.

This choice was linked to the coming of Romain Basset, guest of honour, who directed the film Horsehead, as well as one of the actresses in his film, Catriona MacColl.

Affiche FFB - Rêves et cauchemars

Winners of the 2019 edition

Quentin Aubé


Basile Vuillemin


Terry Pellet

L'homme cousu


In deep water

The 2nd edition of the Festival took place on 10th October 2020 in Béziers, on the theme “In deep water”.

This choice was in connection with the screening of the film ‘En Surface’, directed by Sandy Blanco, followed by Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jaws’.

Affiche FFB - En eau profonde

Winners of the 2020 Edition

Ashley Gourgand

Festival du Fantastique

The Widower Song

Luis Miguelena Bada

The Widower Song

Frédéric Durand

En Vigie du Monde

the finalist posters

Alison Buffin


Brian Mélard

Le Rêve Abyssal

the finalist short films

Samuel Chovan

On the beach



the finalist short stories

The semi-finalist short stories are all in the collection, downloadable here!